In-Building Solutions

To meet the critical need of fire, police, and medical teams to communicate inside large structures, communities are adopting the International Fire Code, Section 510 regulations.

We are experts at deploying systems that meet local municipal fire codes for radio coverage inside buildings. This requires specific technical design requirements and testing requirements. These systems must be installed and tested by FCC licensed technicians. They must be re-tested every year to maintain proper operation. Fire code DAS installations must be approved by the local authority, typically the fire marshal. Design and installation and system testing must be coordinated with the public safety radio system operator.

Although local agencies can enhance their fire code, key elements require:

  • minimal signal level of -95 dBm in 90% of the structure
  • back-up power for 24 hours of operation
  • applies to structures of 50,000 sg. ft. or those with below ground floors
  • coverage test using a 20 grid or 40 grid process
  • annual certification of equipment with grid coverage test and one hour battery test
  • must be tested by an FCC licensed or factory certified technician