Megahertz Technology

Wide Area Radio System

Airtime Solutions

Megahertz is proud to offer the first digital wide area network in the North Texas area running Motorola Connect Plus. Our digital service offers features other analog systems cannot offer. We currently have 8 sites in the North Texas area. This gives you a much larger coverage area than traditional single site systems. With Connect Plus your radio will automatically roam from site to site as you travel around the North Texas area.

System Overview

Discover the advantages of digital radio wide area service. Our system provides you with affordable high quality, voice and data communication.

Push To Talk

Push to talk lets you communicate in a fast efficient manner.

One To Many

Dispatach efficiently with one to many communications.

Low Monthly Fee

Radio service can save your company money when switching from traditional cellular services.

Unlimited Talk Time

Say goodbye to concerns about airtime overage fees.

Our Coverage

Wide area service is ideal for customers needing coverage over a large area.

Multi Site

With 8 sites our digital network covers the majority of North Texas.

Digital Technology

Digital radio technology provides larger coverage than traditional analog radios.


Many of our sites overlap, giving you redundant coverage in case one site goes down.

How Big?

Our system currently spans 20 counties and over 15,000 square miles.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is available as an add-on for a low monthly price.

Asset Tracking

Never wonder where your assets are again.

Email/Text Messaging

Text messaging and email are available through the GPS interface.

Built In

No extra equipment needed. Our GPS utilizes the GPS receiver built into Motorola radios.

Access Anywhere

Our web-based interface lets you track assets from any computer with internet access.