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Achieve Greater Safety, Intelligent Production And Asset Security.

In the new economy, businesses face challenges that would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago. New competitors, new routes to market, increased customer expectations, and greater scrutiny come with the territory. In a world where everyone carries a computer connected to unlimited information and a high-definition camera in their pocket, it stands to reason that we now find ourselves adrift in an ocean of data.

And yet, the targets for all successful businesses remain the same. Exceed customer expectations. Operate profitably. Invest wisely. Most importantly, empower and protect your most valuable asset – your personnel – since they are the key to achieving all of your other goals.

What if your staff could communicate with each other instantly and securely through push-to-talk (PTT) communications between smartphones, laptops, tablets, radios, landlines, or other connected devices? What if it did not matter where they were in the world, or to what network – LTE, LMR, LAN, Wi-Fi – they were connected? What if they were able to use a rich application ecosystem and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to extract valuable intelligence from the flood of data, and then share that information instantly with the team members who most need to know? This capability exists today. Take the first step toward a safer, more successful, and more efficient business by taking your communications further with Team Communications from Motorola Solutions.


Empower Plant Safety And Productivity

Your workers operate in hazardous environments that are highly infused with flammable components. Although first to oil is a necessity, maintaining safety, health and the environment is non-negotiable.

Improve Field Safety And Productivity

Our next-generation communication solutions are vital for prospecting teams, especially those in remote and sensitive locales for exploration and extraction.

Industrial Internet Of Things

The power to enhance productivity. The insight to increase safety. Control and monitor your operations with the intelligent automation and expansive data communication from our Industrial Internet of Things.