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Utilities Solutions

Empower Your Utility To Meet Escalating Demands

Utility companies are heading into a perfect storm. They must keep the power on and the water flowing while keeping their employees and the public safe. While demand is growing, and the industry is changing, they are being pressed to cut costs without compromising safety.

With the rise in cyber-attacks and regular threats to network security, the potential for disruption is high. The reality is, utilities must be more responsive to customers, prepare for emergencies and disasters, comply with changing regulations and secure their assets. All while ensuring safety in the field, at facilities, and throughout the community.


Emergency Preparedness And Disaster Response In The Field

Utilities are critical infrastructure and are key to enabling disaster response. Technicians must make sure electric and gas lines are secured before first responders step in, and restoring power is a race against the clock to maintain order and empower emergency response. Our solutions are adapted for your needs. You can connect mobile crews and assets to help respond quickly, manage power delivery effectively, achieve regulatory compliance, and bring your community safety back on the grid.

Nuclear Plant Safety And Productivity

Your personnel operate in hazardous environments where safety is a top priority. When incidents arise, they must interoperate with public safety instantly and be confident information is controlled and protected.

We understand how important it is to have secure, encrypted mission-critical communications that withstand extreme temperatures, dust, noise, rain and toxic exposure. It’s why we ensure our equipment meets intrinsic safety requirements, FM, CAS and specific Class levels.

Ensuring Plant Safety And Empowering Productivity In Fossil Fuel Plants

With tighter schedules, longer shifts and a heightened emphasis on safety, your operation needs to be constantly efficient and productive. To keep up and keep ahead, your workforce must have reliable, easy-to-use communications adapted to your needs which will increase efficiency and productivity, improve plant safety, support long work shifts and respond rapidly to incidents.

Industrial Internet Of Things

The power to enhance productivity. The insight to increase safety. Control and monitor your operations with the intelligent automation and expansive data communication from our Industrial Internet of Things.