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Motorola RRDN4591A AC/DC A144 Call Box

At four feet tall, this solar-powered Call Box unit combines the flexibility of wall or pole mounting with convenient accessibility and the security of a strobe light…

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RRDN4591A AC/DC A144 Call Box
Motorola SAFEDispatch

SafeDispatch v7.0 enables our customers to host and manage the entire software application privately, on their own computer. Therefore, no costs are associated with…

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SchoolSAFE Communications is a web-enabled two-way radio based product that allows for communications interoperability between school radio…

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Avtec Scout Dispatch Console

Scout is a true VoIP console system; all its components may be distributed over a LAN/WAN infrastructure using standard Ethernet. There is no backroom TDM switch. Users…

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Scout Dispatch Console
ElcomPlus SmartPTT Basic

SmartPTT Basic is a dispatch software application for small to mid-sized MOTOTRBO radio systems. Included functionalities include voice dispatch, GPS tracking, texting,…

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SmartPTT Basic
Smart PTT SmartPTT Enterprise

SmartPTT Enterprise is a dispatch software application for distributed MOTOTRBO radio networks. Its functionalities include voice dispatch, GPS tracking, texting, job…

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SmartPTT Enterprise
Motorola UM1000 LTE USB Modem

The UM1000 LTE USB Modem connects mobile computers and other devices to a Public Safety LTE network. Packaged in a small USB “thumb drive” form factor, it…

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UM1000 LTE USB Modem
Motorola VML 750 LTE Vehicle Modem

The VML750 LTE Vehicle Modem harnesses the power of Verizon 3G/4G LTE and Band 14 Public Safety LTE, providing high speed data with the priority, control, security and…

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VML 750 LTE Vehicle Modem
Motorola VML700 LTE Vehicle Modem

This product may no longer be manufactured or available for sale.

The VML700 LTE Vehicle Modem connects equipment in the patrol car, fire…

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VML700 LTE Vehicle Modem
Motorola WAVE 3000

WAVE 3000 delivers instant and secure broadband push-to-talk (PTT) communications for small to medium businesses. Whether you’re communicating with MOTOTRBO radio…

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WAVE 3000
Motorola WAVE 5000

WAVE 5000 enables full interoperability between different radio systems and extends the reach of these systems, using any combination of broadband networks and devices….

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WAVE 5000
Motorola WAVE 7000

Today, push-to-talk is more important than ever, as teams expect to be constantly connected in a mobile world. As the capabilities, capacity and coverage of Long Term…

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WAVE 7000
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